2019.09 : 일부

Track01. The Smashing Pumpkins - 1979

Track02. Family Of The Year - Hero(Boyhood OST)

Track03. Robert Wyatt - At Last I Am Free

Track04. Arcadefire - In The Backseat

Track05.  이이언 - 창문, 자동차, 사과, 모자

Track06. ? - by your list

2019.08 :  내 일

Track01. First of May - Bee Gees 

Track02. Aubrey - Bread

Track03. Sailing - Deer Hunter

Track04. MYTH - Beach House

Track05. Everything will be Alright - The Killers

Track06. ? - by your list

2019.07 :  1mm

Track01. More than this - Roxy Music  

Track02. I don't know how to love - The Drums

Track03. 우리들의 지난 여름을 회상하며 - The Volunteers

Track04. Sweet Soul - Kirinji

Track05. Scars On Land - Kings Of Convenience

Track06. Scars House of woodcock - Phantom Thread